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Kitchen closes 10.30pm in low season, 11pm in high season
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Traditional Thai

Gai Phad Med Mamuang (S)
Stir fried chicken & vegetables with cashew nuts

Preow Wan Gai / Goong
Sweet & sour chicken or shrimp with onion, peppers & pineapple

Nua Nam Man Hoy
Stir fried beef fillet with mushrooms in oyster sauce

Nua Poo Phad Phoeng Kari (S)
Crab meat in yellow curry paste with spring onion & egg

Kana Moo Grob
Stir fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork

Ho shell / Goong Phad Nor Mai Farang
Stir fried shrimp or scallops with asparagus in oyster sauce

Phad Phak Ruan
Stir fried mixed vegetables, garlic & oyster sauce

Kai Jiew - Moo Sap / Goong Sap
Thai omelette - with minced pork / with minced shrimp

Pla Phad Kun Chai
Stir fried fish with Chinese celery

Shu Shee Pla / Goong (S)
Snow fish or shrimp in spicy red curry, green bean & kaffir lime

Pla Nun Manau
White snapper fillet with lime sauce

Goong Tod Catiam Pick Thai Dam
Fried prawns with garlic & black pepper

Goong Pad Naman Hoy
Fried prawns with mushrooms & oyster sauce

Pla Thot Samun Prai
Deep fried whole white snapper with Thai herbs


Tom Yum Goong / Talay (S)
Classic Thai soup with prawns or mixed seafood, kaffir lime leaves, galangal & lemongrass

Tom Kha Gai / Talay
Refreshing cononut soup of chicken or seafood with lemongrass, galangal, mushroom & tomatoes

Gang Jued
Clear chicken soup stock with minced pork, tofu, glass noodle & cabbage

Gaeng Som Pla Salmon
Hot & sour soup made with tamarind paste & fresh salmon


Moo Manau (S)
Barbeque pork loin with chilli-lime sauce

Lab Gai / Moo / Pet / Goong (S)
Chicken, pork or shrimp salad with chilli, shallots & lime

Yam Talay / Goong / Pla Muk (S)
Mixed seafood, shrimp or squid, onion, tomato, cashew nuts & coriander in spicy lime-chilli dressing

Yam Nua (S)
Grilled beef fillet, tomato, onion & cucumber in spicy lime-chilli dressing

Yam Woon Sen Moo / Talay (S)
Spicy glass noodle salad, minced pork or seafood, fish sauce, lime juice & lemongrass

Curry Pot

Gaeng Pa Moo / Gai / Talay (S)
Spicy clear curry with red chilli, green peppercorn, lime leaves & eggplant. Choice of pork, chicken or seafood

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai / Goong (S)
Fresh green curry paste in coconut milk, baby eggplant, carrot & baby corn. With chicken or shrimp

Panang Nua(S)
Beef fillet stir fried in dry red curry paste, kaffir leaves & coconut milk

Gaeng Massaman Gai / Nua (S)
Southern Thai curry in medium spiced peanut sauce, chicken or beef fillet, potato, onion & peanuts

Gaeng Pet Ped Yang (S)
Grilled duck breast red curry with pineapple, tomato & vegetables

Pad Pet Moo / Gai / Nua / Plamuk / Goong (S)
Spicy curry with pork, chicken, beef, squid or prawn

Rice & Noodles

Khao Phad Gai / Goong / Poo
Wok fried rice with chicken, shrimp or crab, vegetables, egg & spices

Phad Thai Gai / Goong
Rice noodle fried in a tamarind sauce, peanuts, egg & beansprouts with chicken or shrimp

Khee Mao Goong (S)
Spaghetti with fried prawns, hot basil leaves, onion, baby corn, broccoli & red chilli

Khao Phad Sapparot
Fried rice with pineapple, chicken, peas, bell pepper, carrot & raisin

Jasmine White Rice

To Share

Tod Mun Goong
Deep fried prawn cakes with sweet chilli sauce

Satay Gai
Grilled chicken skewers, creamy peanut sauce, cucumber salsa

Gai Hor Bai Toey
Shallow fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaf wirth plum sauce

Pak Tempura
Vegetable tempura

Phad Phak Boong Fi Deng
Stir fried morning glory with garlic, oyster sauce & chilli

Peek Gai Tod (S)
Golden chicken wings, stir fried in garlic pepper sauce

Phad Prik Ka Gop (S)
Pan fried frogs legs with chilli paste, garlic, lemongrass, lime & turmeric

*** A few things we do, make all our own stocks, sauces and soups use only the freshest available vegetables & seafood on hand and cut and clean them here, use only imported beef & lamb and pour only premium drinks ***